Living the Mystique

It’s a book I’d recommend to every woman – The Feminine Mystique. Betty Friedan, the author, beautifully outlines how women who aren’t passionate about a career while away their time in busywork. They take up seemingly meaningful projects to give their days the semblance of being full of important work. Like moving to a house […]

Clearing cobwebs

She opened the windows – big French windows – and the breeze came gushing in. I’d run with her the day before, and she helped me gain perspective about my applications. And all my fears, insecurities and paralyzed sensations melted away. I love being with her.

Sab ulta ho raha hai

You know those days? Those days when nothing seems to be going right? I’m having a week of those right now. My insecurity is triggering reactions within me that are just alienating the people close to me. I wanted to go home from my meeting, and I could have just done that. But instead, I […]

Blog update

Sooo, here I am again. I didn’t post for a long time, battling feelings of guilt, laziness, and emotional and physical exhaustion. I was lazy with my exercising, my diet, my thoughts and my life. But as the year draws to a close, I want to start over. For the past two weeks, I’ve been feeling the increased […]

Experiments gone wrong

So guess what just happened?! A couple weeks ago, I had written that I wished to take care of my skin, my canvas better. I then started taking care of my skin a lot more. I have been drinking more water, more green tea, a LOT less sugar, moisturising, using good products on my skin… the […]

A little taste of heaven

I woke up feeling confident and energetic. After weeks I had gotten out of bed feeling genuinely refreshed, without an alarm, and ready to take on the day. My euphoria quickly gave way to stress when I saw that lunch consisted of the same sabzi I had endured three times over the last week. With […]

A turn towards the healthier

So I guess it’s official… I have signed on for the dollar-a-workout challenge. What is it exactly? Every time you workout, you put in a dollar (or in my case, Rs. 20) in a jar. After a certain period, you take the money and treat yourself; ideally to a non-food related gift. For me, I […]